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Yes! Finally! The time is NOW.

by Tim Redmond

OK, I am so excited I don't even know where to begin. Things are happening. So. Many. Things.

Big things, Small things, Custom things! ALL THE THINGS!

I am finally cleaned up and organized, and all of the projects I have been working on for months and months are all coming together at the same time. And if that wasn't enough, today I just figured out how to make legit-looking tiny and small figures with LEGO so now I'll have those as well.

Starting today, I am reviewing EVERYTHING that I have created over the past 1.5 years and I am making improvements and changes based on product availability, price, and of course design. Our entire creature catalog will be overhauled - better design, better availability, better affordability, and more variation. The aarakocra are already done, but that is (literally) just the beginning.

After I finish the catalog overhaul, I will start making small and tiny things available, in an attempt to get closer to a complete monster manual. Sorry, no tarrasque just yet! After that, it's a crazytown of anything goes! I have TONS of monsters just waiting to be completed - small, medium, huge... heck I still have to finish the giants from last year that have been 95% done for the past 6 months.

And if that wasn't enough, I will also being cracking open the Pathfinder 2 Bestiary to see what new creatures and changes it might have in store. I just discovered yesterday that PF2 Drow are now lavender-skinned! Who knew?

So keep checking back when the spirit moves you - I guarantee you'll find something new, and I haven't even mentioned some of the coolest things that are coming. Those will be surprises along the way!


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