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Creature-of-the-day falls on its face!

by Tim Redmond

Well, I tried, and for a while I actually succeeded. I am not giving up or stopping, I just got detoured for a bit. Things are getting started again and this weekend (Nov 21) should see new things being added to the site. I still have thousands of items to add (literally) and I will trying to balance creating new monsters with adding new PC parts, and more terrain too. I am not going to forecast what I will be adding or when, since that never seems to work. I am just going to be completely random and add whatever. It should be a productive time, regardless of what specifically I get done. What I really need is for the standard day to have 35 hours in it, or perhaps a small army of Oompaloompas to do my bidding (why not both?). I don't see either of those happening though. Maybe next year. OK, back to work...

Ceature-of-the-day returns! Ice devil almost ready!

by Tim Redmond

OK, so I haven't posted anything lately. As always, there is a TON of stuff going on behind the scenes. But it is time for me to finish the Monster Manual. I have approximately 99 creatures left to design in order to finish, and I am bound and determined to try and  finish before Christmas. So that is about 1.5 monsters per day, and I will hopefully finally finish before my 3rd year (!) in existence. I never dreamed it would take this long, but I was also never really sure that I could accomplish some of the larger creatures with just pure LEGO, and with all of the knowledge and experience that I have gained in 3 years I feel that I am now finally ready to take up the challenge. (Dragon Turtle, anyone?)

Some will be simple and some will be challenging. I'll probably also throw in a bunch of variations and quite a few beasties that are not 5e or at least not in the MM. I can also guarantee that I'll be upgrading some of my offerings as well - bullywugs and vampires just to name two off of the top of my head. I'll most likely post the small and medium creatures during the week and post the big fellas on weekends - and I have quite a few big fellas left to design. (Umber Hulk is now on the creation table!) 

I just finished what I consider my best creation ever - an ice devil, which will drop on Friday or Saturday, plus I have at least one Hook Horror coming very soon as well. And for everyone that has been patiently waiting and waiting (and waiting and waiting) for me to finish Giants, well I sort of have to finish them now, don't I?

And in case you are wondering, the Tarrasque will be last. I'm still just forming loose ideas in my head about that one. I think it's the only one that I still find a bit daunting. Just a bit.

Other things: Capes are kind of sort of on hold, but not really. It just depends on my spare time. Prototypes are soooo close to production but I've had house repairs to do. Boats are also on hold, but next year should see a nautical explosion. Pathfinder Bestiary will be tackled just like the Monster Manual as soon as the MM is 100% complete. Terrain and scenery - I have TONS of stuff in the works but it has taken a back seat for now.  PC parts and pieces will continue to be added any time I have a moment to spare - over 750 more torsos, legs, heads, and hair to add (!!!).

Getting back to normal

by Tim Redmond

OK, so this summer has been a bit of a hot mess. But in the next 2 days I will be reorganizing my universe, and then new parts and new creations will be back. I'm not even going to waste my time listing all of the things, but if my life will just stay somewhat normal the number should be in the 500-750 range. I have soooo much to do, and I can't wait to get started.


by Tim Redmond

OK, so for those of you have been following this site over the past few months, you probably noticed that my new creations and additions came to a screeching halt in July. There many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is Star Wars. Over the past few years I have been building up quite a pile of Star Wars sets and figures, since they often come in the large batches of LEGO that I find and I generally have no use for them.. They are now in the way and I need space. So I have spent days and days and days sorting through it all and getting it organized so I can clear it out. I am quite tired of it at this point, and it has really hindered my RPG creations. It is almost done though, and then I'll be super-focused on creations - I have over 50 new custom ideas and designs that are already started. I am loooooong overdue for some big releases and I'll try to not disappoint!

I should also mention that if you are interested in Star Wars ships or minifigures, you can send me an email. I have TONS.

Invisible people are back in stock!

by Tim Redmond
Long overdue!

July is a disaster. Yay?

by Tim Redmond

Welp, so much for those plans. 10-per-day came to a crashing halt when my son got sick in early July (not COVID). And we had a heat wave - and my AC broke. And my car's transmission went bad. And orders got delayed, and giants are delayed - AGAIN. Seriously, I have been trying to finish giants for 2.5 years. Unbelievable. (Inconceivable!)

But all is not lost. I figured out something new for giants which should make them way way better, and new capes are still very very very close, and I have over 50 new monsters just waiting to be added. And I have all kinds of Mega Bloks to be added. And I am working on some amazing custom boats. I am down, but I am far from out.

Most importantly, I took this opportunity to reorganize the universe. Shelves, boxes, bins, drawers... and a new camera (finally!). We will be better, we will be faster, and we will have more time to create and add new things because of it. July is just a speed bump, but we'll get over it. Thanks for the support during this crud-tacular month!

10-per-day is going strong

by Tim Redmond

10 new pieces. Every day. It's going well so far and it shows no sign of slowing down. My main focus now is to start adding more monsters while still adding 10 parts per day. Giants are soooooooo close. Grell also. And a Yugoloth too. And a few more skeletons. And some new liches (Acererak!), Other than that I don't have any major amazing new announcements - but every time you come back you are guaranteed to see something new. Oh yeah, and I'll try to get the Mega Bloks weapons up, now that I have added all of the shields. :)

More, more, more.

by Tim Redmond

OK, so I've changed my mind. 5 new items per day is not enough! I'm going to make it 10!

10 new items on the site every day from now until September 1st. And were also reviewing and upgrading all of our current creatures, especially those like bullywugs, goblins, bugbears, skeletons, etc.

Now I just need to get those pesky giants done!

Huge restock completed, and a new promise to everyone.

by Tim Redmond

OK, first of all we just restocked all of our Brick Warriors inventory, and we also put over 200 LEGO pieces back in stock. So that's no small thing, and we will continue to try and restock items that are currently out. Bullywugs should be up by Monday, if not sooner, and Bugbears too.

Now, more importantly, we are making a new pledge to our fans and customers, and it is a BIG one. Starting June 1st, we promise to add at least 5 new pieces to the site every single day from now until at least September 1st! Really! If you come back to the site every single day, we guarantee that you will see some new pieces from the last time you were here. It will be all kinds of things - heads, torsos, legs, boats, monsters of all kinds, Mega Bloks weapons and armor, animals... but it will all be new to the site and it won't stop for months. Some days we may add even more than 5. It's going to be a great summer!

New races - Tortles and Bearkin, Giants up next

by Tim Redmond

I'm still years behind in getting everything updated and listed, but I have completed the bearkin and tortles sections. There are 30-40 pieces in each section to choose from, and we will add to them any time we find new pieces that work for those.

Tabaxi are up next, but not until I finish some really really really really overdue giants. If I can just get my camera to work properly, they should be here very soon. I actually have Frost Giants and Fire Giants completed, I just have not been able to get the photography done due to some camera issues.


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