Lost my camera... doh!

by Tim Redmond

I have completed some great new creatures, including an owlbear and a full-sized roc! I also now have a good selection of alternate races.

What I don't have is my handy-dandy camera. I don't know how I misplaced the little guy, but he is AWOL, so I can't get anything listed on the site until I find it. But that camera can't hide forever! Check back soon!

Restocking has begun. And many many new things are coming.

by Tim Redmond

Wow, things have been busy around here lately. We have turned the corner, and are now getting things back on track. I had all of these grand plans to do a big Halloween release... but alas, 'twas not to be.

First and foremost, we have restocked our inventory. Brick Warriors has already been restocked. Brick Forge will be restocked by 10/26. I have TONS of other restocks (too many to list) that will be going back on this site in the next 2 weeks.

And the new stuff is coming! We are already in the process of adding more Brick Warriors and Brick Forge products, but we have also been working on new creations, especially alternate races and pre-made figures. I can't make an exact prediction on when they will be released, but even as I type this I am staring at a dozen different Eladrin and a box of Tabaxi, and a few Tortles too. I have already created at least a dozen new foes to add, but I simply haven't had the time to photograph them and get everything uploaded.

More updates soon!

We're still here!

by Tim Redmond

We have been rather inactive lately, but we are still very much here!

Early fall means LOTS of yardwork, getting kids in school, and in this case, lots of work for my other business. On top of that I've had house repairs, minor flooding, and family illness to boot.

So we have been not producing anything new recently, but we are still here and will be making more updates as soon as possible. Strahd is coming... just in time for Halloween I think. :)

1 week, 100 monsters!

by Tim Redmond

We have been hard at work this week, and we have officially reached our goal: 100 monsters in 1 week!

The site now has minifigures from Fifth Edition Foes as well as Volo's Guide, and we added a few more to the monster manual as well.

Our biggest addition to the lineup this week was undoubtedly our selection of spiders. We now have them in all shapes and sizes, and we are very proud of our custom designs, which we feel are truly some of the best out there, and they are built to scale as well. Our arachnid collection also includes a giant scorpion (our personal favorite) and a giant crab.

And as always, we are a long way from done! We will continue to add more monsters every week, along with many other items. ALWAYS feel free to contact us and make a request. Next week, due to requests, we will be introducing pieces for alternate races such as Tabaxi, Tortle, Gith, and Eladrin. If you have a request from this list, please let us know and we will work it in.

Coming tomorrow! A TON of new items!

by Tim Redmond

Too much to list! Tomorrow night will be a big night for us! Get ready!

BrickForge parts have arrived

by Tim Redmond

We are very excited to be able to add hundreds of new pieces to the site from BrickForge. BrickForge makes fantastic LEGO-compatible pieces for minifigures, of all types. We've got swords for fighting, staves for wizarding, and instruments for playing.

Hint: Since they aren't in a single category, if you want to see them all at once, just do a search for "BrickForge".

More monsters!

by Tim Redmond

We just added over 15 more monsters to the site. Beholders, Spectators, Unicorns, and many more.

We are especially fond of the Black Unicorn and the Limited Edition Beholder.

And tomorrow we should be adding many more PC pieces.

PCs (and NPCs) are (finally) here!

by Tim Redmond

We have been hard at work gathering hundreds of pieces and getting them listed for you. Millions of combinations allow you to make a totally unique character for yourself.

We have heads (and hands, and short legs) so you can create a character of any race, and we have weapons and armor aplenty to accommodate any class.

We even have parts and pieces for non-traditional PCs such as aarakocra or orcs.

And for DMs - you can create your NPCs simply by choosing the proper parts.

As always, if you can not find what you would like, just ask! We still have hundreds of parts waiting to be listed!

BrickForge parts coming soon!

by Tim Redmond

Adventure Bricks is thrilled to announce that we will be stocking parts from BrickForge within the month! While we will focus primarily on weapons and armor, we will also be adding all sorts of accessories. Stay tuned!

PC Weapons and Armor have arrived!

by Tim Redmond

Finally! You can now gear up! Weapons, Armor, Clothing, magical items!

And in less than a week we will have legs, torsos and heads! Woohoo!


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