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OK, I'm back! Let the new stuff begin!

by Tim Redmond

My construction project is almost done! I've been finishing my basement, and it has taken literally months, but the end is in sight. More space for LEGO! ;)

I might need 1-2 days to get all caught up and cleaned up, but the new stuff will officially begin 2/17, starting with some new capes/cloaks. I'm aiming for 10 new products per day, but it could range anywhere from 5-50, depending on the particular day. I don't think I'll be doing much with new monsters or custom builds, but certainly there will be tons of new weapons, armor, animals, etc.

Thank you everyone for hanging in there while I was building walls and running electrical wires. I got a bit behind on orders and made some unusual mistakes here and there, but things are much more stable now and it is all back in order. I am looking forward to my next phase.

No new stuff until Feb 15th, but then...

by Tim Redmond

OK, The short-term news is that the site will not be adding many new pieces for a full month. However, this is only because during that time I will be completing three big new things (besides taxes):

1) Capes. These have been in the works for several months now and I am happy to say that they are actually quite finished. However it takes time to photograph and list them all. But I have 4 new styles (shapes) AND over 25 new colors/fabrics. Good stuff.

2) Seriously, Hasbro? The OGL 1.1 was super awful and so I am putting some more support behind my PF2 offerings. I am going to attempt to make a serious amount of monsters from the PF2 Bestiary 2 and Bestiary 3. It's another long overdue thing.

3) *Top Secret* new part. This one may take until April or May, but we're cooking up our first ever Adventure Bricks piece. I'm not going to drop any hints just yet, but if this works out, it will just be the beginning.

Until then, the site will remain open and I will still be restocking inventory and all that, and I may even add a piece here or there. ;)

The Restock Continues

by Tim Redmond

Althougfh I have been adding as many new parts and pieces as I can (20 heads last week!), the real update to the site has been the huge restock. Brick Warriors parts are now fully restocked, as well as lots of non-LEGO weapons, which were more popular than we anticipated. The restock will continue for the next week as I try to get the site more fully stocked than it has ever been. And of course I will be trying to add new parts and pieces every chance I get! There's a lot of new stuff still in the works.

The parade of new stuff has begun!

by Tim Redmond

OK, so last week I restocked over 400 items (not done yet!), but now I have also started adding both parts/pieces as well as creatures. I'm not counting right now, I'm just going and going. The smaller stuff will just happen as it happens, but the new creatures are being added at the pace of 1 large or huge guy per day. I'll keep it going as long as I can. Also - NEW CAPES - all photography is done so they will be added by Nov 11th at the very latest. Woohoo!

Huge restock (instead of new stuff)

by Tim Redmond

OK, so I am still on the edge of adding tons and tons of new stuff. My life is super annoyingly frustratingly busy right now and I just can't quite find the time to get stuff posted - but I am SOOOOO close. In the meantime I am doing a major go-through of all of the stuff I have to sort so I can do a restock - so far I have put 250 products back in stock this weekend, and I hope to be at 500 by the end of the week. That's kind of a silly amount, and this site will have very few items out of stock by the end of the week. And then maybe I can get the new stuff posted!

September was just too busy - welcome October!

by Tim Redmond

I have been here there and everywhere over the past month, and I have not been adding enough new stuff, by a long shot. That will all change starting October 10th. Wyverns (drakes), new capes, and horned devils have all been done for weeks but I just haven't been able to get them listed. Starting next week it is going to happen. I also have a carrion crawler and bulette that are getting very very close to completion. One more week and I'll be adding new stuff regularly again.

Back in the Saddle - Let's Ride!

by Tim Redmond

So summer is always the toughest time to make updates - I have things to do and places to go and kids to manage. That's all winding down now, so I can focus on the fall - and WOW there is a lot to focus on. I have new monsters, I have redesigned monsters, I have new cape designs and fabrics. HORSES - FINALLY. Stuff is coming!!! So much stuff! New wyverns and dragons, drow overhaul, mermaids and merrows, and just so much stuff in general. This week I added 25 new pieces and a redesigned Tanarukk. Next week I should have just as much plus a new invisible stalker and the newly redesigned (and much improved!) spectator. The Death Kiss and Gauth are actively in the works as well! Carrion Crawler! Bulette - maybe. It's all good, and there's lots of it coming!

Brick Warriors restock, more parts

by Tim Redmond

So this isn't exactly a major announcement, but some months are like that. I've been happily recovering from COVID and catching up on all the stuff I was behind on. So I got BW restocked, and I added a few more of their parts and pieces to my site - most notably the new line of 'dwarf' items. And I keep adding parts and pieces when I can, although it's fairly random at this point while I try to get a million other things done. If I can get organized, I will be overhauling my drow and my mermaids. Fingers crossed.

Stupid COVID

by Tim Redmond

Well, things were going pretty well until June. I had been consistently adding new parts and pieces and I had some new monsters in the works, and then I got COVID. It only knocked me down for a few days, but I was unable to do anything, and it just threw my schedule all out of whack and it's been hard to get back on track even now that I'm healthy again. I'm slowly making back the lost time, and by the end of June I hope to be up to full speed again. Right now I'm just keeping up with orders and catching up an hour or two here and there whenever I can. So I have no idea what's next - possibly some underwater stuff or robot/cyborg/automaton stuff. As long as I'm healthy, it's all good.

More Boring Updates! (Yay!)

by Tim Redmond

50 heads last week. 50 legs this week. We are growing. A lot.


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