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Brick Warriors restock, more parts

by Tim Redmond

So this isn't exactly a major announcement, but some months are like that. I've been happily recovering from COVID and catching up on all the stuff I was behind on. So I got BW restocked, and I added a few more of their parts and pieces to my site - most notably the new line of 'dwarf' items. And I keep adding parts and pieces when I can, although it's fairly random at this point while I try to get a million other things done. If I can get organized, I will be overhauling my drow and my mermaids. Fingers crossed.

Stupid COVID

by Tim Redmond

Well, things were going pretty well until June. I had been consistently adding new parts and pieces and I had some new monsters in the works, and then I got COVID. It only knocked me down for a few days, but I was unable to do anything, and it just threw my schedule all out of whack and it's been hard to get back on track even now that I'm healthy again. I'm slowly making back the lost time, and by the end of June I hope to be up to full speed again. Right now I'm just keeping up with orders and catching up an hour or two here and there whenever I can. So I have no idea what's next - possibly some underwater stuff or robot/cyborg/automaton stuff. As long as I'm healthy, it's all good.

More Boring Updates! (Yay!)

by Tim Redmond

50 heads last week. 50 legs this week. We are growing. A lot.

Boring updates.

by Tim Redmond

I like exciting updates, but honestly, sometimes you just have to do the unexciting non-splashy ones. So far in the past month we have added 150+ new pieces, including 25 more heads. We are trying for 250 pieces this month. On one hand, there is really nothing especially exciting about that, but on the other hand 250 pieces is actually an awful lot for one month! It is approximately a 5% increase in what we have to offer already, in just one month. We are hoping to do this for the next month as well, which would be a 10% increase in just 2 months, and would put us close to the 6000 products mark! Maybe boring updates aren't always so bad after all. :)

Brick Warriors restock (I STILL hate Winter!!!)

by Tim Redmond

March snow? Bomb Cyclone? Just kill me. *sigh*

All kidding aside, we used this horrible snowy weekend to get our Brick Warriors restock finished. We also did a major photo shoot today and hopefully we'll be getting a lot of new stuff up in the coming weeks, since we are all caught up. We've got big monsters and little ones, new horses, and as always lot sand lots of minifig parts.

Also - Orc and Drow are getting complete overhauls - stay tuned!

Progress! (I still hate winter)

by Tim Redmond

OK, so despite the fact that winter is dragging on for an eternity, I have at least managed to get the Fire Giants done and I updated some existing monsters as well. I also added some Dragonborn/Half-Dragon pieces (wings) as individual items now, and by month's end all of the metallic dragon heads/wings/tails should be available (winter again - too cold to paint). The biggest news right now is that I have made significant progress on the Umber Hulk and it should finally be added to the site, crossing yet another monster off of my list. Following this, I am aiming for a complete Angel and Drow overhaul, since they have been very popular but also very out of stock.

I am feeling motivated today, so here is a haiku, for no real reason:

Winter keeps a tight grasp,
but the tulips are laughing,
beneath the hard ground.

I hate winter

by Tim Redmond

It's cold. I'm unmotivated. I have a million things to do. The only plan for right now is no plan at all. I will be adding parts and pieces and new monsters in a completely random fashion as time and energy permits. As always I have tons and tons of stuff in the works, but I've given up on laying out a plan. Giants? Maybe. Dragonborn? Maybe. Angel overhaul? Probably.

AreaLight pieces are coming. Existing monsters are being improved/revised. Things are happening. I'm not putting timelines to anything because after three years I know better. :)

So just keep checking in, and you'll see some things. New things, improved things. Things.

Is it Spring yet?

Brick Warriorts and LEGO restock + monsters

by Tim Redmond

We just restocked many many Brick Warriors pieces that were out of stock. In addition to this we restocked about 50 regular LEGO pieces as well. This also means that many creatures and monsters (aarakocra) that use BW pieces are also now back on the site.

We have a bunch of new creatures being added tomorrow and Saturday, including kobolds, reindeer, and NYCALOTH. :)

A big milestone!

by Tim Redmond

5000 products on the site! FIVE THOUSAND. And of course we're not done yet! It's just been slow and steady the past few weeks, and that's the gameplan for December. We're still chipping away at the Monster Manual (Bone Devil and Ankylosaurus were added, and a large Nycaloth is coming soon) as we keep adding pieces, pieces, and more pieces.

Angels and aarakocra will soon be back in stock, and we always have plenty of new monsters in the works. Also, we're about to list a whole bunch of weapons, probably the week before Christmas, along with a ton of new outfits, many of which feature Wizard Sleeves.

OK, less typing, more working!


by Tim Redmond

OK, so we've been pretty lame getting new parts and pieces up in November - so far. But we just acquired a HUGE amount of LEGO pieces and the site is about to be super-duper-updated. When I say HUGE, I mean it. Like bigger than ginormous big. Gigundamous. Did I make that word up? Maybe I did, but it was the only thing that even remotely conveys how much stuff is coming. Restocks, new stuff, new monsters. I had to finish winterizing my house and my kids had 3 shows last weekend (MD Irish Festival - yay!) but that's all behind me now, and the future looks like LEGO LEGO LEGO.

It's coming. Trust me. Check back in a few days. It's going to be bigger than big.


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