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COVID-19 Update

by Tim Redmond

Hello Everyone! I have gone full hermit-mode! I will continue to remain open and fulfilling orders.

I want to let everyone know that as of right now there is no possible COVID contamination in our orders. It is highly highly unlikely that the virus would survive in the mail anyway, but even if it could, we are currently isolated and healthy.

My wife has been working at home for a while, and I haven't even left the house in well over a week. I homeschool my children, so they are also not going to be bringing this into my household.

All orders are picked up by my rural mail carrier from my mailbox, so that is also not a contamination risk.

If for any reason I suspect that there is any chance of my becoming infected, I will quarantine myself at that point in time and I will voluntarily shut down Adventure Bricks until the coast is 100% clear.

Your continued support at this time is appreciated. There are a lot of people hurting right now from these mandatory shutdowns - support them in any safe way that you can. I believe there are tougher times ahead.

Will I ever get caught up? No - and that's OK.

by Tim Redmond

The new year is always a time for reflection on the past and working to make some changes in the future. This past year was no different in that regard, although I definitely ended up in a different place from where I thought I would be when 2019 started. It almost made it hard to reflect on because it was such a moving target.

My primary takeaway from last year was just the constant struggle of staying organized while expanding rapidly in multiple directions. So my question to myself for this 2020 was this: could I (or should I) make a resolution to finally get on top of things. Looking at what I do and all of the directions I can go, and then looking at how many hours I have in a day and the other obligations I have, it is plainly obvious that regardless of whether I want to or not, it is simply impossible under any circumstances.

But upon further reflection, there is a large silver lining here. Things may take longer than I want to get done, but they do get done. I may not have added 2000 pieces to the site last year, but I did add over 1000. I didn't finish the Monster Manual, but I did get it to under 100 monsters left. Custom cape designs aren't done, but they are tantalizingly close (loincloth prototype is done!). And I have boats on the way! And I have 1000 new pieces to add! And I'm going to have custom parts manufactured! And I have figured out how to build a tarrasque (sort of)! And giants are (still) coming soon! And sprites, pixies, and quicklings.... I have over 75 half-completed monsters on the table (and counting). No matter how many projects I complete, my brain will always outpace my ability to complete them. But I am still charging forward (Cannons to the left of me! Cannons to the right!) and ultimately 2020 is going to yield a lot of cool new things, even if I don't get to all of the things.

So I'm off to a new year, and I couldn't be more excited! Time to surf the chaos!

Giving Thanks

by Tim Redmond

I just want to take a moment to reflect on the past year and give thanks to everyone that has been a supporter if this site and these projects.

First of all, I can't believe it has been over a year since I launched this site! Back then I was so confident that I could get the monster manual completely built in a year. Ha! But the site has grown and expanded in so many new and unexpected directions, and it has been an amazing journey that is far from over. We have so many new and interesting things coming in 2020 - but I'll save those for another post.

Mainly I just want to reach out and thank each and every one of you who has supported this site - not only with your purchases but also with your kind words, your appreciation, your encouragement, your understanding when I am missing a part or two, your patience when I make a mistake on an order. I really do try my very best to get the orders out as quickly and as correctly as possible, and to stock as wide of a variety as I can. This business has a million tiny parts, and I am not perfect, but the success and enjoyment of your games is always my primary goal.

Last but not least: Keep in touch! I love getting requests for custom PCs and for monsters that haven't been created yet. I love seeing pictures from peoples' games and hearing how the pieces were used. Always feel free to contact us to ask us or tell us about anything. We'd love to hear from you. And in the meantime, we'll get back to the Monster Manual. I've been tossing around ideas for bulettes for a few months now...

Yes! Finally! The time is NOW.

by Tim Redmond

OK, I am so excited I don't even know where to begin. Things are happening. So. Many. Things.

Big things, Small things, Custom things! ALL THE THINGS!

I am finally cleaned up and organized, and all of the projects I have been working on for months and months are all coming together at the same time. And if that wasn't enough, today I just figured out how to make legit-looking tiny and small figures with LEGO so now I'll have those as well.

Starting today, I am reviewing EVERYTHING that I have created over the past 1.5 years and I am making improvements and changes based on product availability, price, and of course design. Our entire creature catalog will be overhauled - better design, better availability, better affordability, and more variation. The aarakocra are already done, but that is (literally) just the beginning.

After I finish the catalog overhaul, I will start making small and tiny things available, in an attempt to get closer to a complete monster manual. Sorry, no tarrasque just yet! After that, it's a crazytown of anything goes! I have TONS of monsters just waiting to be completed - small, medium, huge... heck I still have to finish the giants from last year that have been 95% done for the past 6 months.

And if that wasn't enough, I will also being cracking open the Pathfinder 2 Bestiary to see what new creatures and changes it might have in store. I just discovered yesterday that PF2 Drow are now lavender-skinned! Who knew?

So keep checking back when the spirit moves you - I guarantee you'll find something new, and I haven't even mentioned some of the coolest things that are coming. Those will be surprises along the way!

Good News, Bad News

by Tim Redmond
Bad News: No new monsters for a while. :(

Good News: The reason for the bad news is that we are expanding! It's mostly internal, but we have outgrown our current setup. In order to better serve our customers, we need to really overhaul our storage and organization, and that just takes time. But the end result will be more PC pieces, more complete races, and hopefully the beginnings of our terrain offerings as well!

More Good News: we have OVER 500 new items that are already inventoried and photographed. I just need to get them added to the site after the internal reorganization is done.

So even if it looks like the site site is a bit stagnant... NOPE. And pretty soon we'll be rolling right along again. Hang in there AB fans!

Update from Crazyville

by Tim Redmond

OK, so the giants are still being worked on. I actually have 10 different fire giants and 6 frost giants, but they are only 95% done - they need finishing touches and I am creating special clothing for them to make them look better. So I'm super disappointed that they aren't done yet, but I'm also super excited because I have the parts and pieces for all of them and they are looking good.

Also I have 3 new creations that are done and are just waiting on photography: Giant Seahorses, Giant Venus Flytraps, and Yellow Musk Creepers with Yellow Musk Zombies. So that's a good thing.

And of course I have the ever-present monster pile to complete: giant bats, starspawn, all new myconids, alternate races, carts and carriages and wagons (oh my), Zombie Unicorns, Quicklings, Sprites, Flying Snakes, Pixies (so tiny!), Shambling Mounds... etc.

And coming much sooner than expected, we will have amazing new cloaks with hoods, and possibly some coats as well.


The Giants Are Coming! (finally!)

by Tim Redmond

In June we added 150+ new torso, legs, and heads, so we're headed back to monster territory now.

We have officially started the creation process for giants, and by the end of July we expect to have Fire, Storm, Frost, Cloud, and Stone giants, in both 5e and Pathfinder sizes, including the variations in Volo's Guide to Monsters.

So Jul 4th - 18th should be pretty quiet in terms of new releases (although we have some), and then we'll reveal them all at once. :)

Bodies Everywhere...

by Tim Redmond

I am finally working on the body pile. In the next few days I will be adding at least 50 new torsos, 30 new legs, and 50 new heads. There will be a few monsters thrown into the mix as well, as always.

And of course I have the ever-growing monster pile to complete: giant bats, yellow musk creepers and zombies, starspawn, all new myconids, alternate races, carts and carriages and wagons (oh my), Zombie Unicorns!, Quicklings, Sprites, Flying Snakes, Pixies (so tiny!), Shambling Mounds, Giant Venus Flytraps, more weapons and armor (really cool stuff!), and maybe, just maybe, we'll get to the pile of giants that we've been designing since around September... although the requests for a bulette are leading me astray.

If there is anything you are looking for, please make a request! We are always happy to take a pause from our piles, and get sidetracked for a while. :)

Restocking and rebuilding in progress. Brick Warriors now back in stock.

by Tim Redmond

So last week we dedicated a very large portion of time to our new custom capes. This week we are dedicating most of our time to restocking items that we have run out of, and additionally we are making some minor design updates to our figures and custom creations in order to keep costs down or to make them more structurally stable.

And as always I have a huge list of things that we just need to get photographed and added to the site - there's always something new coming. I smell the spores of a yellow musk creeper....

Another update on the (lack of) updates... capes galore!

by Tim Redmond

OK, so I haven't exactly been cranking out the new monster designs lately, although I managed to get 3-4 crossed off of the list. Also, we have restocked some Brick Warriors pieces, but are still not completely there yet. And we almost doubled the number of heads avilable on the site, so that's no small feat either. But the real reason for our apparent inactivity is our 1 major update - custom capes!

We have been secretly working very hard to produce a full line of custom capes for your minifigures. We offer colors and textures that are simply not available anywhere else, to bring your minifigs to life in a way that simply isn't possible with traditional LEGO capes. We have already produces 24 different cape materials, and in the future we even hope to start producing our own designs.

OK, now back to that list of monsters that I've been promising for the past 2 months...


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