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Restock, restock, restock

by Tim Redmond

OK, sorry for the lack of new stuff but I have been in 'restocking mode'. I figured that lots of new stuff isn't much good if all of the old stuff is gone, so... Brick Warriors has been restocked as well as a few hundred other regular LEGO pieces. I am still keeping at it, with the goal of getting the out-of-stock items down to about 5% this month. Once I feel comfortable that the existing product levels are in better shape, then I'll start rolling out new parts and pieces - there is NEVER a shortage of these. ;)

Taxes are done! Let's GOOOOOOOOO

by Tim Redmond

I could say I hate taxes, but that might be too much of an understatement. My taxes really aren't even all that hard I guess, but still, spending 10 hours of my time on them feels like such a waste of a day! Now that they are once again behind me, I am more motivated than ever to get new things up. ANGELS ARE HERE. I just redesigned my redesign TODAY and I am rushing them through photography because these are by far the best angels that I have produced. The orcs should be added before April 20th as well. And as always, weapons, armor, hair, heads, etc will keep going up. Last week I added a ton of new color variations - these won't show up on the homepage because technically they aren't 'new', but a LOT of old favorites now have new colors available.

OK, We're back! (We never really left)

by Tim Redmond

St. Patrick's Day is over and so is the Clann Redmond mini-tour. I'm going to focus my energies for the remainder of the month on adding as many new things as possible. It should be a combination of creatures and minifig pieces, including a long overdue FULL ORC OVERHAUL. I don't think I'll be creating anything custom this month, but you never know. ;)

UPDATE - I created some new angels. All of them, actually:

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Adventure Bricks!

by Tim Redmond

Most people don't know this, but I'm actually a bard. My daughters and I have an Irish band, and our popularity is growing rather quickly. So this month we have 10+ shows and it takes up a lot of our time. Obviously we will still be able to handle orders, but new monsters will probably not be much of a thing until April.

Please please please like and follow Clann Redmond if you are on facebook!

More likes helps us get more shows and bigger shows. And more shows means more money to spend on LEGO! lol. Actually we're starting to drift off into bardcore and D&D/Ren music, so I would love to split my time between LEGO and music and add something else to the D&D community! :)

New monsters on the way, plus some redesigns

by Tim Redmond

So I haven't posted in a while, and I don't want anyone to think I'm not active. The truth is that I have been very active in the design/redesign department. Most of it is now through the photography stage so it's just a matter of time before I get it posted.

I've got... giant snakes, amphipteres, a complete drow overhaul, animal companions, trolls, more giant frogs, a complete mermaid-triton overhaul - and that's just the stuff that has made it through photography. I have over double that being processed right now. I finally completed a griffon last week, and I'm almost done with lamias (lamiae?).

And as always, there will be all kinds of PC parts added haphazardly whenever I can. Happy Gaming!

1 Word: Restock

by Tim Redmond

So on one hand  I'm super bummed that I have not been adding new parts and pieces to the site as planned since last month.

However, I have been restocking like a crazy person! In the past 3 weeks I have restocked over 500 products.


That's a gigantic amount. And now that I am pretty much done with that, I will start adding new things again, as I continue restocking. So hang in there - new stuff is absolutely positively coming!

12/8 UPDATE: 700!

It's happening. (yay!)

by Tim Redmond

October is going to be even better than September. 10 new additions per day, every single day. Guaranteed.

It's crazy to me to think that this site already has over 5000 pieces on it. It's even crazier to think that by adding 10 new pieces every day this month, that Sept/Oct will be 500+ new pieces which means that I have expanded my products by 10% in two months.

And I'm not done yet! Nope. It's too soon to say, but it appears as though I will be able to ramp this up to 15 per day in November, for a target of 1000 new products by Dec 1st, which is a 20% expansion in just three months.


The struggle is real

by Tim Redmond

I'm sorry for the delay in releasing new items! I'm trying so hard and life just keeps stealing my time from me. There are so many cool things I want to release and life just won't let me. This week my daughter tried to break her wrists while dancing. Severe sprains and 2-3 weeks at least to heal. Ugh. I still got 20 new heads up and 50 other items back in stock, but it isn't enough.

Does anyone want to babysit my 7 year old so I can get some work done? ;)

The restock is underway, and then TONS of new stuff, FINALLY!

by Tim Redmond

So there is a TON of new stuff that will be listed this month, but first and foremost I want to make sure my inventory levels are correct, so I will be restocking as much as possible from September 4-7.

After the restocking period is over, I should be able to list about 500 new things this month. I always make grand plans that fall a bit short, but this time I really think that I might hit my target! Even if I don't, I will still list a MINIMUM of 250 new products this month, including at least 10 new monsters, at least 6 new cape colors, and just a ton of minifigure pieces and accessories.

Stay tuned! This will be one of the most interesting months we've had in a long long time!

September is going to be big!

by Tim Redmond

I have had a secret for the past year. I have been simultaneously running Adventure Bricks while also finishing my basement. And it was hard. There was never enough time and energy, and it's been a major struggle. But it's done now. And so now I have SPACE. Also, I have had to watch my son all summer long, and since he is only 7 it also cut into my time in a major way. But in 2 weeks he goes back to school, which will make my schedule a lot less complicated.

So I will have SPACE, and I will have TIME. I don't think I've ever had both before! Also, I have been on a huge creative streak recently and I have crossed off 10 of the remaining monsters in the MM, which now leaves me with only about 50, about 10 of which are already in progress. I just need TIME to get to the photography, so when September rolls around, I will be hitting the gas pedal and there should be HUGE amounts of new parts and pieces and also new monsters being released.

I don't know if I can get the MM done by Jan 1, but I am going to try to complete every non-gigantic creature by then. For those who are curious: Myconid Sovereign, Incubus, Succubus, Gnolls, Giant Frogs, Giant Toads, Giant Bats, Giant Weasels, Phase Spiders, Perytons, and Chuul are now done. Drow are on the edge of a complete overhaul,and the carrion crawler and otyugh are almost done.


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