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Back in the Saddle

by Tim Redmond

Hello everyone! I fell off of the '5 per day' wagon for a bit, but I am not going to continue to be "idle" as I was earlier this year. Fun fact - I am NEVER idle, I just regularly get too busy to add new parts and pieces. I am currently drywalling a hallway, building a patio, cleaning a garage, learning a new instrument, and preparing to film a music video with my little band. I think I forgot about 20 more things, but I digress...

I still plan on adding ONE THOUSAND new parts/pieces/monsters before the end of 2021! This is not an exaggeration or overestimate! If I can do 10 per day I will, but I going to try and (re)start this Friday at the more reasonable 5-per-day pace. And for right now to keep it simple I am going to try to add 1-2 monsters per week too, probably releasing every Friday.

OK, less blogging and more doing!

250+ products back in stock

by Tim Redmond

I'm sorry this took so long! I just finished a long-overdue update of existing products, and I'm actually still not done just yet. I expect to complete another 20-30 by the end of the July 4th weekend. I know everyone is always waiting for my new creations, but updating the existing inventory is a very important thing as well. :)

5 per day... *sigh*

by Tim Redmond

Well, it was nice while it lasted. I am trying to get back on the 5-per-day wagon, I just got hung up with some musical things. I have a musical family and we had some practicing to do for a show. Things should return to normal before July. I still have so many new exciting things to add and create, but life just hasn't given me the time. I am looking forward to getting that corrected.

5 per day keeps on rolling

by Tim Redmond

So no news is good news! I am continuing to add 5 new pieces per day, every single day, with the goal of continuing throughout the entire year into 2022! No joke. 5 per day. Slow and steady. Come back daily or weekly and there will always be something new to see.

On a side note - the dragon turtle has begun! This one is going to take a LONG time though. He's huge! (Gargantuan, technically)

Brick Warriors and Brick Forge restocks are complete

by Tim Redmond

I just finished restocking hundreds of Brick Warriors and Brick Forge products, and all this week I will be adding new Brick Warriors pieces as well that we have not carried before.

On top of that, I will also be restocking hundreds of LEGO pieces this week too. As soon as we are fully reloaded, then we'll start making new creations again!

We're back! (We never really left)

by Tim Redmond

Hey everyone! We've been laying low for a few months while we reorganized (yes, yet again) and reprioritized or projects. We are officially cleaned up (mostly) and we are now in the process of restocking as well as adding more new items and new designs. It's too early to mention specifics, but there should be a steady stream of updates starting next week. We are excited to be going again.

An update, kind of. (Excuses, excuses)

by Tim Redmond

Hi there! I've been busy! Unfortunately, it just hasn't been on Adventure Bricks. March is always a busy month in my household because of our interest in Irish music. My daughters snagged a bunch of victories and placements in their regional Irish music competitions, but the most notable so far is a top-10 finish by my youngest in an international tune writing competition. We also have a Renaissance-style band we are putting together and I hope to share that with everyone soon. In the meantime, enjoy the tune, and know that I am about to get back on the update wagon for good, as the Irish stuff slows back down to normal pace. Please watch and like our video! :)

Here we go! Winter madness! [daily updates]

by Tim Redmond

So this isn't exactly a new announcement - it's just a post to update everyone. Many many new designs are done. Many many new torsos and legs and heads are here. Many many new weapons and armor have also arrived. My cup runneth over! Photographs are already taken and are being completed. I am stuck inside because winter is awful - so what better way to spend the time than adding, and adding, and adding more stuff to the site?

I'm not giving any teasers for what's coming down the line and I'm not mentioning specific creatures or anything like that, but there will be new stuff - PILES OF IT - from January 29 through February 28. My goal is 33 per day for a total of 1000 new items over the next month. Holy friggin' moly! (To put that in perspective, the entire site right now is about 4500 items, so this is a MASSIVE one-month expansion! It's almost a full 25%)

We'll see how long I can keep up the pace! Let's Goooooooooooo!

1/29 : 10 new monsters, and Tabaxi part I
1/30 : 10 new monsters, new Scenery categories added (banners/flags, furniture), and a lot of Shields and Armor added
1/31 : Grell! Giant Scorpion redesign. 30 more hats, 10 more hair
2/01 : Hats, Heads
2/02 : Heads all day - only 23 - but 180 products in 5 days! Ahead of Schedule!
2/03 : Heads all day - only 25, 205/6 days = 34/day - Still on schedule. *whew*
2/04 : NOTHING! I am a horrible human being!
2/05 : 33 Torsos
2/06 : 50 Legs (making up for 2/04)
2/07 : 50 Outfits (in progress, making up for 2/04)
2/08 : Torsos
2/09 : Oh no! Another 0 day! Tomorrow's going to be busy!
2/11 : Hopelessly behind due to yesterday. Reassessing Winter Madness *sigh*

2/26 : I'm not giving up. Winter is horrible, but I am still clawing away. A few new creatures up today. Aiming for at least 50 new pieces by the end of February. It looks like we ar headed for... March Madness!

Finally caught up - here comes more new stuff!

by Tim Redmond

Well, it was a busy end to November. I completely overhauled all of my LEGO storage - I reorganized the way I store it, I bought shelving, I bought storage containers, I added lighting to my room, etc. It took a lot of time out of my schedule and I wasn't able to add many new things, but now I am really really ready to go! I have adequate work space, adequate lighting, and better organization of my stuff. I'd already be adding new pieces if it wasn't for this lousy storm coming tomorrow (I have to winterize my house and get out the shovels, etc.). But starting on Wednesday, December 16th I should be adding, and adding, and adding. I'm going to add as much as possible in as short as possible of a time. I won't be spreading my new additions out over the next month, I will be fast and furious until I burn out from LEGO exhaustion. :)

I am making no promises on what specifically will be added (lol, hw many times have I mentioned Giants?) but there are things coming. Yes indeed.

Creature-of-the-day falls on its face!

by Tim Redmond

Well, I tried, and for a while I actually succeeded. I am not giving up or stopping, I just got detoured for a bit. Things are getting started again and this weekend (Nov 21) should see new things being added to the site. I still have thousands of items to add (literally) and I will trying to balance creating new monsters with adding new PC parts, and more terrain too. I am not going to forecast what I will be adding or when, since that never seems to work. I am just going to be completely random and add whatever. It should be a productive time, regardless of what specifically I get done. What I really need is for the standard day to have 35 hours in it, or perhaps a small army of Oompaloompas to do my bidding (why not both?). I don't see either of those happening though. Maybe next year. OK, back to work...


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