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Do you use 100% LEGO® bricks?

Almost. We appreciate and respect the LEGO® brand. They were the first, and they are the best. Their pieces last. They keep their standards high. In short, they have provided the foundation on which this is all built, and we respect that. We use official LEGO@ brand parts as often as possible. We only use 3rd-party parts when we find a very good reason to do so, and we make it very clear when selling those products.

Even after decades of bricks and tens of thousands of different pieces, there are still some holes to fill when it comes to something as specific as D&D or Pathifinder. In some cases the pieces exist but are simply too rare ($) to acquire and sell on this site, in which case we look for the best alternatives. In other cases there is simply not enough variety in their offerings for all of the needs of the specific monsters or classes. There are some companies making some really great custom parts that suit our needs, and we very much appreciate their contributions to the world of minifigures! We proudly carry parts from Brick Warriors and Brick Forge.