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The restock is underway, and then TONS of new stuff, FINALLY!

by Tim Redmond

So there is a TON of new stuff that will be listed this month, but first and foremost I want to make sure my inventory levels are correct, so I will be restocking as much as possible from September 4-7.

After the restocking period is over, I should be able to list about 500 new things this month. I always make grand plans that fall a bit short, but this time I really think that I might hit my target! Even if I don't, I will still list a MINIMUM of 250 new products this month, including at least 10 new monsters, at least 6 new cape colors, and just a ton of minifigure pieces and accessories.

Stay tuned! This will be one of the most interesting months we've had in a long long time!


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