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Stupid COVID

by Tim Redmond

Well, things were going pretty well until June. I had been consistently adding new parts and pieces and I had some new monsters in the works, and then I got COVID. It only knocked me down for a few days, but I was unable to do anything, and it just threw my schedule all out of whack and it's been hard to get back on track even now that I'm healthy again. I'm slowly making back the lost time, and by the end of June I hope to be up to full speed again. Right now I'm just keeping up with orders and catching up an hour or two here and there whenever I can. So I have no idea what's next - possibly some underwater stuff or robot/cyborg/automaton stuff. As long as I'm healthy, it's all good.


My 6 year old son decided he wanted to get his dad a D&D Lego set for Father's Day and oh man, I thought that was going to be a tall order. Thankfully I found your site thanks to google. Not only am I excited to be able to put together a set with the pieces you offer, but I also see that you are local so I get to support a local business as well. Thank you for this and I can't wait to place our first order of many to come! Also, Covid hit us last month and it was brutal, I hope you get back on track soon, I know how hard that is to get thrown off.
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