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September is going to be big!

by Tim Redmond

I have had a secret for the past year. I have been simultaneously running Adventure Bricks while also finishing my basement. And it was hard. There was never enough time and energy, and it's been a major struggle. But it's done now. And so now I have SPACE. Also, I have had to watch my son all summer long, and since he is only 7 it also cut into my time in a major way. But in 2 weeks he goes back to school, which will make my schedule a lot less complicated.

So I will have SPACE, and I will have TIME. I don't think I've ever had both before! Also, I have been on a huge creative streak recently and I have crossed off 10 of the remaining monsters in the MM, which now leaves me with only about 50, about 10 of which are already in progress. I just need TIME to get to the photography, so when September rolls around, I will be hitting the gas pedal and there should be HUGE amounts of new parts and pieces and also new monsters being released.

I don't know if I can get the MM done by Jan 1, but I am going to try to complete every non-gigantic creature by then. For those who are curious: Myconid Sovereign, Incubus, Succubus, Gnolls, Giant Frogs, Giant Toads, Giant Bats, Giant Weasels, Phase Spiders, Perytons, and Chuul are now done. Drow are on the edge of a complete overhaul,and the carrion crawler and otyugh are almost done.


I’m glad you got past your struggles. I’ve struggled my entire life and legos are helping me through it. I promise to try my best to always be there for you too man. I don’t lie. I’m Layton Blake Miller babe
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