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OK, I'm back! Let the new stuff begin!

by Tim Redmond

My construction project is almost done! I've been finishing my basement, and it has taken literally months, but the end is in sight. More space for LEGO! ;)

I might need 1-2 days to get all caught up and cleaned up, but the new stuff will officially begin 2/17, starting with some new capes/cloaks. I'm aiming for 10 new products per day, but it could range anywhere from 5-50, depending on the particular day. I don't think I'll be doing much with new monsters or custom builds, but certainly there will be tons of new weapons, armor, animals, etc.

Thank you everyone for hanging in there while I was building walls and running electrical wires. I got a bit behind on orders and made some unusual mistakes here and there, but things are much more stable now and it is all back in order. I am looking forward to my next phase.


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