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Here we go! Winter madness! [daily updates]

by Tim Redmond

So this isn't exactly a new announcement - it's just a post to update everyone. Many many new designs are done. Many many new torsos and legs and heads are here. Many many new weapons and armor have also arrived. My cup runneth over! Photographs are already taken and are being completed. I am stuck inside because winter is awful - so what better way to spend the time than adding, and adding, and adding more stuff to the site?

I'm not giving any teasers for what's coming down the line and I'm not mentioning specific creatures or anything like that, but there will be new stuff - PILES OF IT - from January 29 through February 28. My goal is 33 per day for a total of 1000 new items over the next month. Holy friggin' moly! (To put that in perspective, the entire site right now is about 4500 items, so this is a MASSIVE one-month expansion! It's almost a full 25%)

We'll see how long I can keep up the pace! Let's Goooooooooooo!

1/29 : 10 new monsters, and Tabaxi part I
1/30 : 10 new monsters, new Scenery categories added (banners/flags, furniture), and a lot of Shields and Armor added
1/31 : Grell! Giant Scorpion redesign. 30 more hats, 10 more hair
2/01 : Hats, Heads
2/02 : Heads all day - only 23 - but 180 products in 5 days! Ahead of Schedule!
2/03 : Heads all day - only 25, 205/6 days = 34/day - Still on schedule. *whew*
2/04 : NOTHING! I am a horrible human being!
2/05 : 33 Torsos
2/06 : 50 Legs (making up for 2/04)
2/07 : 50 Outfits (in progress, making up for 2/04)
2/08 : Torsos
2/09 : Oh no! Another 0 day! Tomorrow's going to be busy!
2/11 : Hopelessly behind due to yesterday. Reassessing Winter Madness *sigh*

2/26 : I'm not giving up. Winter is horrible, but I am still clawing away. A few new creatures up today. Aiming for at least 50 new pieces by the end of February. It looks like we ar headed for... March Madness!


You are not a horrible human being!
I’m looking forward to those Mega Bloks platforms
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