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10-per-day is going strong

by Tim Redmond

10 new pieces. Every day. It's going well so far and it shows no sign of slowing down. My main focus now is to start adding more monsters while still adding 10 parts per day. Giants are soooooooo close. Grell also. And a Yugoloth too. And a few more skeletons. And some new liches (Acererak!), Other than that I don't have any major amazing new announcements - but every time you come back you are guaranteed to see something new. Oh yeah, and I'll try to get the Mega Bloks weapons up, now that I have added all of the shields. :)


I see you have your own schedule, and you are killing it, I also see the scenery/terrain has content (woo!). Though when you have time it would be amazing to see more of the 'terrain' part. Mountain side peices, a few buildable trees. That is just me being needy though.
Great job! This is amazing!
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