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Will I ever get caught up? No - and that's OK.

by Tim Redmond

The new year is always a time for reflection on the past and working to make some changes in the future. This past year was no different in that regard, although I definitely ended up in a different place from where I thought I would be when 2019 started. It almost made it hard to reflect on because it was such a moving target.

My primary takeaway from last year was just the constant struggle of staying organized while expanding rapidly in multiple directions. So my question to myself for this 2020 was this: could I (or should I) make a resolution to finally get on top of things. Looking at what I do and all of the directions I can go, and then looking at how many hours I have in a day and the other obligations I have, it is plainly obvious that regardless of whether I want to or not, it is simply impossible under any circumstances.

But upon further reflection, there is a large silver lining here. Things may take longer than I want to get done, but they do get done. I may not have added 2000 pieces to the site last year, but I did add over 1000. I didn't finish the Monster Manual, but I did get it to under 100 monsters left. Custom cape designs aren't done, but they are tantalizingly close (loincloth prototype is done!). And I have boats on the way! And I have 1000 new pieces to add! And I'm going to have custom parts manufactured! And I have figured out how to build a tarrasque (sort of)! And giants are (still) coming soon! And sprites, pixies, and quicklings.... I have over 75 half-completed monsters on the table (and counting). No matter how many projects I complete, my brain will always outpace my ability to complete them. But I am still charging forward (Cannons to the left of me! Cannons to the right!) and ultimately 2020 is going to yield a lot of cool new things, even if I don't get to all of the things.

So I'm off to a new year, and I couldn't be more excited! Time to surf the chaos!


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