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Update from Crazyville

by Tim Redmond

OK, so the giants are still being worked on. I actually have 10 different fire giants and 6 frost giants, but they are only 95% done - they need finishing touches and I am creating special clothing for them to make them look better. So I'm super disappointed that they aren't done yet, but I'm also super excited because I have the parts and pieces for all of them and they are looking good.

Also I have 3 new creations that are done and are just waiting on photography: Giant Seahorses, Giant Venus Flytraps, and Yellow Musk Creepers with Yellow Musk Zombies. So that's a good thing.

And of course I have the ever-present monster pile to complete: giant bats, starspawn, all new myconids, alternate races, carts and carriages and wagons (oh my), Zombie Unicorns, Quicklings, Sprites, Flying Snakes, Pixies (so tiny!), Shambling Mounds... etc.

And coming much sooner than expected, we will have amazing new cloaks with hoods, and possibly some coats as well.



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