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Overdue updates are now in progress! Soooooo many! IT'S HAPPENING!

by Tim Redmond

So much stuff is coming! So. Much. Stuff. I have already started listing dragons and even more PC Parts, but this is just the tip of the iceberg!

It is all assembled on the photography table, I just need to get it photographed and listed in the coming month, so there will be updates literally every single day for the next month or so - that's just how much is coming!

Off the top of my head... Dragons, Grick, Grell, new Zombies, MEGALODON!, Iron Golems, Wood Golems, Wyvern, LOTS OF DROW, Tabaxi, Tortles, Bearkin, Ratfolk, Half-orc, Half-ogre, Eladrin, Halflings, Tieflings, Dragonborn, GITH, jesters, giant (rideable!) bats, at least 20 variations on existing monsters. *pause to catch my breath* Zombie Unicorns!, Quicklings, Sprites, Flying Snakes, Pixies (so tiny!), Shambling Mounds, Giant Venus Flytraps, Blights, over 150 MORE heads, over 50 more torsos, over 20 more legs, OVER 60 more complete outfits, giant goats, giant eagles, giant vultures, juvenile rocs, more weapons and armor (really cool stuff!), and maybe, just maybe, we'll get to the pile of giants that we've been designing since around September...

OK, now take the list above and pretty much double it. Yep. This is by far the biggest addition to the site since we opened for business last year and we are uber-excited. It took a while for us to work out the kinks on the site, and to learn to organize and manage our inventory, and to gather our ideas together, but now we are expanding and then some, so hang in there and keep checking back - we can pretty much guarantee that there will be new stuff when you do!

Now if only I had time to redesign the homepage...


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