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July is a disaster. Yay?

by Tim Redmond

Welp, so much for those plans. 10-per-day came to a crashing halt when my son got sick in early July (not COVID). And we had a heat wave - and my AC broke. And my car's transmission went bad. And orders got delayed, and giants are delayed - AGAIN. Seriously, I have been trying to finish giants for 2.5 years. Unbelievable. (Inconceivable!)

But all is not lost. I figured out something new for giants which should make them way way better, and new capes are still very very very close, and I have over 50 new monsters just waiting to be added. And I have all kinds of Mega Bloks to be added. And I am working on some amazing custom boats. I am down, but I am far from out.

Most importantly, I took this opportunity to reorganize the universe. Shelves, boxes, bins, drawers... and a new camera (finally!). We will be better, we will be faster, and we will have more time to create and add new things because of it. July is just a speed bump, but we'll get over it. Thanks for the support during this crud-tacular month!


Thanks for keeping up the work, your site is so inventive and useful! I'm glad there's a community of folks that also thought to use their Lego figures for D&D, truly changed my game as a DM. Hope August treats you better!
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