Huge update to hair!

by Tim Redmond

The first of many massive PC/NPC overhauls is done!

Not only did we DOUBLE the number of different hair pieces available for sale on the site, we also added a great new way to narrow your choices down by selecting gender, color, and style. Instead of having to sort through the entire selection of hair to find what you want, you can now make 1-2 easy selections in the hair category filters, and it will instantly remove everything that does not match your criteria.

You can now find exactly what you want for your PC/NPC in a matter of seconds.

Check it out!

And the best part is that we will be extending this functionality to all legs and torsos in the coming weeks, so creating a PC/NPC will be far quicker and better than ever before. And of course that's not all we have in store... but that can wait until our next update!


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