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Huge restock completed, and a new promise to everyone.

by Tim Redmond

OK, first of all we just restocked all of our Brick Warriors inventory, and we also put over 200 LEGO pieces back in stock. So that's no small thing, and we will continue to try and restock items that are currently out. Bullywugs should be up by Monday, if not sooner, and Bugbears too.

Now, more importantly, we are making a new pledge to our fans and customers, and it is a BIG one. Starting June 1st, we promise to add at least 5 new pieces to the site every single day from now until at least September 1st! Really! If you come back to the site every single day, we guarantee that you will see some new pieces from the last time you were here. It will be all kinds of things - heads, torsos, legs, boats, monsters of all kinds, Mega Bloks weapons and armor, animals... but it will all be new to the site and it won't stop for months. Some days we may add even more than 5. It's going to be a great summer!


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