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Finally caught up - here comes more new stuff!

by Tim Redmond

Well, it was a busy end to November. I completely overhauled all of my LEGO storage - I reorganized the way I store it, I bought shelving, I bought storage containers, I added lighting to my room, etc. It took a lot of time out of my schedule and I wasn't able to add many new things, but now I am really really ready to go! I have adequate work space, adequate lighting, and better organization of my stuff. I'd already be adding new pieces if it wasn't for this lousy storm coming tomorrow (I have to winterize my house and get out the shovels, etc.). But starting on Wednesday, December 16th I should be adding, and adding, and adding. I'm going to add as much as possible in as short as possible of a time. I won't be spreading my new additions out over the next month, I will be fast and furious until I burn out from LEGO exhaustion. :)

I am making no promises on what specifically will be added (lol, hw many times have I mentioned Giants?) but there are things coming. Yes indeed.


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