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Creature-of-the-day falls on its face!

by Tim Redmond

Well, I tried, and for a while I actually succeeded. I am not giving up or stopping, I just got detoured for a bit. Things are getting started again and this weekend (Nov 21) should see new things being added to the site. I still have thousands of items to add (literally) and I will trying to balance creating new monsters with adding new PC parts, and more terrain too. I am not going to forecast what I will be adding or when, since that never seems to work. I am just going to be completely random and add whatever. It should be a productive time, regardless of what specifically I get done. What I really need is for the standard day to have 35 hours in it, or perhaps a small army of Oompaloompas to do my bidding (why not both?). I don't see either of those happening though. Maybe next year. OK, back to work...


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