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COVID-19 Update

by Tim Redmond

Hello Everyone! I have gone full hermit-mode! I will continue to remain open and fulfilling orders.

I want to let everyone know that as of right now there is no possible COVID contamination in our orders. It is highly highly unlikely that the virus would survive in the mail anyway, but even if it could, we are currently isolated and healthy.

My wife has been working at home for a while, and I haven't even left the house in well over a week. I homeschool my children, so they are also not going to be bringing this into my household.

All orders are picked up by my rural mail carrier from my mailbox, so that is also not a contamination risk.

If for any reason I suspect that there is any chance of my becoming infected, I will quarantine myself at that point in time and I will voluntarily shut down Adventure Bricks until the coast is 100% clear.

Your continued support at this time is appreciated. There are a lot of people hurting right now from these mandatory shutdowns - support them in any safe way that you can. I believe there are tougher times ahead.


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