Coming Soon - Idea Gallery and LEGO Dnd How-To

by Tim Redmond

I'll be honest... 'Coming Soon' could mean 2 weeks or 9 months at this point. But I have decided that it would be cool to have a basic tutorial on setting up D&D scenarios with LEGO, and it would also be cool to have an idea gallery for inspiration.

I think the idea gallery will be more practical than fantastical. I think the internet is filled with awesome LEGO creations for D&D - if you have $1000 budget and 80 hours of time for building. I'm going to try to focus more on practical approached to making affordable scenes that still make for great LEGO D&D experiences.

I'm not going to say 'Keep Checking Back!', instead I'm going to say 'Keep bugging me about it!'. :)


Consider yourself bugged, although tbh I am more excited about the possibility of giants and beholders.
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