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Ceature-of-the-day returns! Ice devil almost ready!

by Tim Redmond

OK, so I haven't posted anything lately. As always, there is a TON of stuff going on behind the scenes. But it is time for me to finish the Monster Manual. I have approximately 99 creatures left to design in order to finish, and I am bound and determined to try and  finish before Christmas. So that is about 1.5 monsters per day, and I will hopefully finally finish before my 3rd year (!) in existence. I never dreamed it would take this long, but I was also never really sure that I could accomplish some of the larger creatures with just pure LEGO, and with all of the knowledge and experience that I have gained in 3 years I feel that I am now finally ready to take up the challenge. (Dragon Turtle, anyone?)

Some will be simple and some will be challenging. I'll probably also throw in a bunch of variations and quite a few beasties that are not 5e or at least not in the MM. I can also guarantee that I'll be upgrading some of my offerings as well - bullywugs and vampires just to name two off of the top of my head. I'll most likely post the small and medium creatures during the week and post the big fellas on weekends - and I have quite a few big fellas left to design. (Umber Hulk is now on the creation table!) 

I just finished what I consider my best creation ever - an ice devil, which will drop on Friday or Saturday, plus I have at least one Hook Horror coming very soon as well. And for everyone that has been patiently waiting and waiting (and waiting and waiting) for me to finish Giants, well I sort of have to finish them now, don't I?

And in case you are wondering, the Tarrasque will be last. I'm still just forming loose ideas in my head about that one. I think it's the only one that I still find a bit daunting. Just a bit.

Other things: Capes are kind of sort of on hold, but not really. It just depends on my spare time. Prototypes are soooo close to production but I've had house repairs to do. Boats are also on hold, but next year should see a nautical explosion. Pathfinder Bestiary will be tackled just like the Monster Manual as soon as the MM is 100% complete. Terrain and scenery - I have TONS of stuff in the works but it has taken a back seat for now.  PC parts and pieces will continue to be added any time I have a moment to spare - over 750 more torsos, legs, heads, and hair to add (!!!).


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