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Boring updates.

by Tim Redmond

I like exciting updates, but honestly, sometimes you just have to do the unexciting non-splashy ones. So far in the past month we have added 150+ new pieces, including 25 more heads. We are trying for 250 pieces this month. On one hand, there is really nothing especially exciting about that, but on the other hand 250 pieces is actually an awful lot for one month! It is approximately a 5% increase in what we have to offer already, in just one month. We are hoping to do this for the next month as well, which would be a 10% increase in just 2 months, and would put us close to the 6000 products mark! Maybe boring updates aren't always so bad after all. :)


Keep up the wonderful work! We appreciate it!
Your work is of gods and well appreciated!
Your work is always appreciated
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