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Back in the Saddle - Let's Ride!

by Tim Redmond

So summer is always the toughest time to make updates - I have things to do and places to go and kids to manage. That's all winding down now, so I can focus on the fall - and WOW there is a lot to focus on. I have new monsters, I have redesigned monsters, I have new cape designs and fabrics. HORSES - FINALLY. Stuff is coming!!! So much stuff! New wyverns and dragons, drow overhaul, mermaids and merrows, and just so much stuff in general. This week I added 25 new pieces and a redesigned Tanarukk. Next week I should have just as much plus a new invisible stalker and the newly redesigned (and much improved!) spectator. The Death Kiss and Gauth are actively in the works as well! Carrion Crawler! Bulette - maybe. It's all good, and there's lots of it coming!


Really excited to see merrows and merfolk, and that Carrion Crawler sounds like it will be amazing, too! Love your site, love all the creative angles you come up with for portraying D&D critters in brick form. Looking forward to all the new stuff.
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