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Another update on the (lack of) updates... capes galore!

by Tim Redmond

OK, so I haven't exactly been cranking out the new monster designs lately, although I managed to get 3-4 crossed off of the list. Also, we have restocked some Brick Warriors pieces, but are still not completely there yet. And we almost doubled the number of heads avilable on the site, so that's no small feat either. But the real reason for our apparent inactivity is our 1 major update - custom capes!

We have been secretly working very hard to produce a full line of custom capes for your minifigures. We offer colors and textures that are simply not available anywhere else, to bring your minifigs to life in a way that simply isn't possible with traditional LEGO capes. We have already produces 24 different cape materials, and in the future we even hope to start producing our own designs.

OK, now back to that list of monsters that I've been promising for the past 2 months...


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