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Angel, Cassisian, Gold Wings

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Cassisians are the weakest sort of angel, but are absolutely dedicated to the cause of good. They serve as messengers for more powerful angels, and on the Material Plane they are often bound to good mortals to serve as familiars, acting as spiritual guides, reciting platitudes and quoting scripture from various benign faiths and philosophies (some forgotten for centuries).

A cassisian's true form is a helmet possessing a pair of bird's wings. The exact style of helmet varies by the deity the angel serves-most appear to be steel with angular cheek-plates, though some resemble bascinets, skullcaps, great helms, or even samurai helmets, and a few older cassisians appear to be bronze or even leather.

Pathfinder: A 7th-level lawful good spellcaster with the Improved Familiar feat can select a cassisian as a familiar.

Neutral Good
  • any good-aligned plane

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