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Fundraising for New Products "Kickstarter"

So instead of running a traditional kickstarter campaign (via, I am simply instead trying to raise research and development funds by selling off lots (and lots) of non-D&D sets and minifigures. All proceeds from this will go towards NEW products for LEGO D&D that I have developed (and am still developing) and their associated production costs.

People who buy sets to help support me will get good stuff! When a project is funded and produced, the supporters will get a discount (or potentially some free product) as a 'thank you'. The reason I am not mentioning any specifics at this point is because I have multiple unrelated projects on the table, and which ones I complete first will depend on the level of funding I have. If a supporter does not want the specific product that their funds were used for, they may opt to select product from one of our other new 'kickstarter' products released in 2022.

11/20/21 UPDATE: Our first project has been funded and is now being produced! We have found a process and acquired machinery for printing on capes! Custom designs and colors will be available in mid-December of this year! Supporters can make get a completely custom design for their free capes. With just a little more funding we will be able to release new cape designs and new colors and fabrics too!